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August 19, 2011

Currently Working On:

1) a documentary about Street Pulse, a newspaper for, by, and distributed by homeless people in the city of Milwaukee. Initial shooting wraps August 29, with two more shoots two months apart. The feature documentary follows Bob and Angel, a homeless couple in Milwaukee, as well as other friends and acquaintances. More than just a Day in the Life, the documentary examines what it means to be homeless or help the homeless in Madison and anywhere.

Working as audio technician, co-producer.

(stay tuned for productions stills, updates, trailer and more)


2) a feature narrative dramatic TV series. Stay tuned for . . . everything.

Working as assistant editor.

May 1, 2011

Chiropractic Information Video

This is a take from a series of videos I did for a chiropractic office in Wisconsin. They have not yet released the videos on their site, but this is a brief clip for near the end, with a forced perspective on the speaker (the notes and things in the background are from earlier in the talk).

Alternate Ending from Melanie Killingsworth on Vimeo.

I used a Rebel T2i for video, Olympus LS-10 for audio, and Vegas Pro for editing (though the only editing done for this clip was to sync audio and video and compressing for better online streaming, as their priority was buffering speed).