May 1, 2011

Chiropractic Information Video

This is a take from a series of videos I did for a chiropractic office in Wisconsin. They have not yet released the videos on their site, but this is a brief clip for near the end, with a forced perspective on the speaker (the notes and things in the background are from earlier in the talk).

Alternate Ending from Melanie Killingsworth on Vimeo.

I used a Rebel T2i for video, Olympus LS-10 for audio, and Vegas Pro for editing (though the only editing done for this clip was to sync audio and video and compressing for better online streaming, as their priority was buffering speed).

May 1, 2011


I worked for my (very tiny) alma mater’s publications office, and my boss decided to let myself and a friend establish a weekly webcast with the dual purpose of entertaining the student body and marketing the college to high school juniors and seniors.

Patterned audaciously after SNL’s ‘Weekend Update,’ NathaCast was a small production. Laura and I wrote, filmed, edited, green-screened, mixed, and produced the NathaCast weekly, with help, advice, and supplementary filming and editing by Rob Larson.

Our First NathaCast – Rough vision of what was to come

The Director’s Cut – Alternate take of our fourth effort

Finals Week Approacheth – Near the end of our first semester of filming

Guest Host – The US Women’s National Team assistant coach filled in for Laura

Retrospective – Everyone has one, right?

We used a Sony HVR-Z1U Digital camera, internal audio, various light equipment,* and Sony Vegas Pro editor.

*I do mean various. As you can see, our location changed often, and we gained more equipment including real lights with C-stands and barn doors, reflectors, and even an umbrella which we mostly used because it gave us something cooler to look at than blue plastic chairs.